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  • Learn which type of sales process will help you get and keep more from the sale of your business.

  • Get an in-depth business analysis (know your business strengths and areas for improvement... you can increase value during the business sale process).

  • Avoid having one of the 90%+ of businesses on the market that don't ever sell

"Statistics have shown that the vast majority of businesses put on the market for sale never sell. According to the 2019 BizBuySell Insight Report, only about 6% of the active listings actually sold (e.g. Q4 had 2,340 sales out of 40,038 active business listings.) The tragedy is that often times the business owners end up closing the doors and walking away, unable to monetize the business for their families and/or retirement. It just doesn't have to be that way..." 

 - Tawnya Gilreath, Founder of LA Business Pros

  2020 President, California Association of Business Brokers

Ready to Sell Your Business? Let's Get to It! 

Want to Know a bit about the Business Sale Process?

There are actually two very different processes...

Traditional Sales Process

The traditional sales process is typically used for small businesses that have enterprise values below $3,000,000. An asking price is determined and a marketing strategy is implemented for the specific business. Buyer inquiries are addressed as they arise and there are no specific time frames required for letters of interest or purchase offers. Interested buyers are encouraged to make offers. 

Structured Transaction Process

The Structured Transaction Process is typically used with lower middle-market businesses. Information about the business is sent out to a targeted list of potential buyers and there is a controlled time period in which they must express their interest by submitting a letter of interest. Thereafter, the letters of interest are reviewed and the buyer pool is narrowed for continuation of the process. 
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